dimanche 17 mars 2013

Anti fouling March 2013

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Hello to everyone!

Just to let you know that we just made a new anti fouling on Salulami in March 2013 to keep her ready to go.

She is still looking for new adventures and in pristine conditions.

We have decided to drop the price to CHF 85’000. - , to make her more attractive.
Don’t hesitate to make an offer.

PS: with a dirty hull in 25 knots of wind gusting 30 on close to beam reach, 1 reef in the main and Genoa rolled in position 2 she was doing 7 knots on the surface. Now with a clean hull guess how much?

  PS2: It’s gona be the right time of the year to move to East side of Thailand to avoid the WS monsoon coming next

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