dimanche 4 mars 2012

She wants to go for new Adventures

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If crossing the Indian Ocean scare’s you, there are other interesting sailing Grounds. Salulami made a 3 year trip from Thailand around Singapore, Tioman Island, and Northern Borneo from Kuching to Sandakan.

Then entered Celebes Sea to Davao in the Philippines.

Followed by a long passage (23 days) to Kavieng on New Ireland in PNG. Rabaul were the famous Tavurvur volcano is still active, destroyed half the city some years ago. It’s also impressive to see the tunnels made during WWII to protect Japanese invaders from the bombing of the Allies. Ones in PNG there is also a magnificent place to sail the Louisiades.
Next step was Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. It’s just superb. People’s life hasn’t change since 2000 the first time I was there apart the cell phone. The best gift you can make them today is airtime.
Later we visited New Caledonia. For me It was a gastronomic foot print in the Pacific. The laggon is stoning with all the varieties off fish. ou can eaven observe the whales.

For the cyclone season we went to New Zealand. Beautiful country, there are many things to see. We made our way back with a short stop in NC, then went thru Torres Strait and made landfall in Saulmaki Indonesia. There are so many things to see but the CAIT (cruising permit) allow you to stay with your yacht only 3 month on Indonesian waters.

And then we came back to Thailand. Of course ones in the Pacific you can visit Fiji Islands and Tonga for example.

That’s why we have decided to reduce the price from 120’000 CHF to only 99’990 CHF.

We hope to find a quick buyer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or make an offer. In Langkawi (Malaysia) there are no taxes to pay.

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