jeudi 8 décembre 2011

Salulami in the Andaman Sea and some yacht details

For the description of the yacht, please refer to the archives at the bottom right of the page.
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On the way to Langkawi in her nice set of sails.

At anchor in Ko Petra

Companionway combinations.


All the panels, wood, Plexiglas, burgle bar, mosquito net, can be mixed together for the best option.


                                                                    mosquito net


                    Burgle bar                                         Rain cap

                         All the locks operate with one key.

Awning for the shade.

The awnings are easily set and removed to give sunshade on the deck. We save up to 2°C inside the boat.


She has a lot of storage capacity. The volumes of these 18+ boxes were stored on the yacht. And we still have provisioning on board.

Wind steering.

Aries, and charcoal barbecue.

Center cockpit.

The cockpit is spacious and offers a lot of room to invite friends for the sun down drink.

It gives also a secure feeling when sailing in tuff conditions.
The table is foldable and is not in the way during navigation.

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