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She is a Tosca 36’ (10.95m x 3.88m x 1.80m) 10T, ideal for single handed or a couple.
Fiberglass hull, sloop. Center cockpit, with a large aft cabin.
Designed by Angelo Lavranos.
Built in South Africa.
Launched in 1985

-Engine: Yanmar 3JH3E, 40 HP (May 2006).
 PSS seal (May 2006), bronze propeller 3 blade (May 2006); bronze propeller 2 blade as spear.

-Rigging: made new in Nouméa (Nov. 2009).
 Roller furling Profurl P40 serviced at the same time.

Genoa 42m2 (April 2008), Main sail batten 27m2 (Nov. 2009), Stay sail, storm sail, 2 Spinnakers.

 2 x Anderson ST46 2 speed (April 2005), 1 x Anderson ST28 2 speed (April 2005), 1 x Lewmar ST30 2 speed,
 2 x Barlow 25 2 speed, 1 x Barlow 23 2 speed, 1 x Barlow 16, 1 x Lewmar 8,
 (ST: self tailing).

 Anchor winch: Muir H-1200 Cougar 12V, solenoid (Aug. 2010).
 Anchor: Bruce 30lb, CQR 30 lb, Danforth 20kg.
 Chain: 3/8’ 85m.
 Rope: ø 25mm 50m.
 Pressurized salt water deck wash.

 (In August 2008 I got hit by a lightning), all the electronics has been changed.
 Radar: Furuno 1630, 16 miles range. VHF: Icom IC-M304, HF: Icom IC-718
 with Automatic antenna Tuner.

 Tacktick wind/speed and lock/depth sounders (August 2008) .
 GPS: Garmin 276C (Oct 2011).
 Garmin Handheld 72H spare (Jan 2010).
 2 Sestrel Compass.

 Raymarine ST6002 display and smart pilot S1G electronic (August 2008). Drive unit Yaskawa (fishing  boat heavy duty stuff) (May 2010). Low consumption.
 Simrad WP30 wheel pilot (New, Installed Jan 2010).
 Aries wind vane.

 Batteries 12V, one starter battery (100Ah) (Oct 2011), 2 house batteries Trojan T-1275+ (300Ah) (April 2009)
 Alternator: 105Ah. A second 105Ah and one 60Ah alternators (original) in spare
 Solar panel 85W (May 2008).

 Navigation: LED Lopolight (Oct 2007).
 Steam lights conventional bulbs
 House, LED’s and fluorescent.

 Water, 1 x 280 lt, 1 x 320 lt
 Fuel, 2 x 225 lt

 Gas stove, 2 burners + oven (Feb 2005). 2 x 4 kg gas bottles, 1 x 5 kg gas bottle.
 2 sink with pressure salt water, pressure fresh water (320 lt tank, all use) and foot pump fresh water (280lt tank, drinking water).

Belt driven compressor (July 2007) on the main engine; cooling a plate (accumulation principle), capacity L: 40cm x W: 28 cm x D: 65cm. Can be used as fridge OR freezer, not both (daily 35-45 min engine running, charging partly the batteries in the same time).

 One double* and one single* bed in the aft cabin.
 One double* and one single short bed in the saloon.
 Two single* bed in the front cabin.
 * Fits a 188cm tall body.
 This yacht is ideal for two people and can accommodate 2 people for charter or guest.

 Full cockpit canopy (Nov 2007).

 Salulami is registered in category one.
 Life raft 4 person RFD Sea Sava+ (serviced Oct 2011).
 EPIRB: ACR 406 RLB-35.
 Lifebuoy with floating line and danbuoy.
 Full set of flares.
 2 inflatable life jackets.
 3 fire extinguishers.
 Fire blanket for the galley.
 Floating rescue line.
 First Aid Kit.
 Softwood bungs.

 Achilles LS4, hypalon soft bottom, 2.5m.
 Outborder Tohatsu 5HP (Feb. 2008).

- Spears:
A lot of spears.

- Sailing ground

East Asia is a nice and affordable sailing place. Contact us and we will give you access to a 3 year sailing plan from Phuket Thailand to New Zealand and back.

Find below a description of the Tosca 36 by Angelo Lavranos.

Hello Bernard,

The wetted surface area of the Tosca 36 to DWL, including keel & rudder is 39 sq meters. Please find attached drawings and dimensions. She was written up twice in SA Yachting Magazine, July 1979 and more briefly in May 1987, in case you know somebody with old back numbers, although the information I have given you is everything factual that appeared in the articles.

The Tosca 36  was designed in 1978, the first one launching around 1979. Fourty have been built, most by Fred Scholtz Marine/Tosca Marine in Cape Town. Many were sold as hull & deck units for owner completion, so the standard of finish varies a lot. Some were overequipped (bigger engines, more tankage). A couple had the decks raised (without my agreement).
Four or five were built (out of a second mould), under license from Tosca Marine, by Z Craft at Empangeni, in KwaZulu Natal. I know of at least two having circumnavigated, and many others have gone distance cruising. In later years a "scoop" platform stern was added to the mould, making her a nominal 39 ft.
Some of the later ones have a slightly larger rig. I would characterise the boat as a medium /light cruiser with excellent sailing characteristics in a breeze, particularly tradewind reaching. Conversely the firm sections carry a wetted surface penalty, and being a light boat the rig is of moderate size, making the boat slightly "sticky" in light airs.
I have an IOR rating certificate off the protoype giving a rating of 26.3 ft. This is close to the Old One Ton rating of 27.5 ft. I expect her to sail better than her rating in good breezes (15 knots +) from a fetch to a run. In light airs and hard on the wind the old One Tonners would beat her.
The boat is viceless and pleasant to sail, and they have turned in good passage times. The spaces are good and the boat is well liked by the owners. Please find attached some drawings & details.

Kind Regards,


Angelo Lavranos
Lavranos Marine Design

33 Jellicoe Rd
Murray's Bay
Auckland, New Zealand

Ph +(64 9) 4781942  fax  +(64 9)4781943
email: <>

                                                  Security and safety equipment

                                                          Thru hull fittings

  Some pictures:

                                                         The yacht in Durban 2006

                                               In light winds                                      

                                                  Forward cabin


                                                        Chart table


                                                     One of the many storages

                                                              Black water tank

                                                          Aft cabine

                            Osmosis treatment in South Africa in May 2005
                                                          Firt leayers

                                                          Second Layers

                                                                 Final coats

Engine YANMAR 3JH3E 29.4 KW
                                    Changed in South Africa in May 2006

                                                                 PSS seal

                                        Deck repainting in Phuket in November 2007
                                                         Primer coats

                                                               Final coats

                                                New Mastfoot in Phuket

            Step1                                       Step2                                     Step3

                                                Rudder fixing in Phuket

                            Rigging changed in New Caledonia November 2009

                                                       Brocken forestay             


                                                         Mast back

                      Drive Unit Yaskawa on bracket done in NZ May 2010
                                     New goose neck exhaust aswell

                                     8 deck windows have been changed in NZ

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